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Large taper

  • Large taper
  • Large taper
Large taperLarge taper

Large taper

Type Dracel of working table Dracel of working table Machined taper Toal weigh Overall dimensions
DK7740 460*680mm 400*500mm 0°~30° 1400kg 1700*1400*1400mm
DK7750 570*910mm 500*630mm 0°~30° 2200kg 2100*1700*1740mm
DK7763 700*1060mm 630*800mm 0°~30° 0°~60° 0°90° 3000kg 2400*2250*1650mm
DK7780 850*1340mm 800*1000mm 5000kg 3000*2500*2000mm
DK7780F 900*1500mm 800*1200mm 6000kg 13000*2700*2200mm
DK77100 1100*1500mm 1000*1200mm 6600kg 3000*2800*2500mm
DK77100F 1860*1100mm 1000*1400mm 7100kg 3280*2800*2500mm
DK77120 1920*1340mm 1200*1600mm 11000kg 4000*3100*2800mm
DK77120B 2120*1340mm 1200*1800mm 13000kg 4000*3300*2800mm
DK77120F 2320*1340mm 1200*2000mm 14000kg 4000*3500*2800mm

Above form parameter will be able to have the change along with the product research and development, no longer alone informs each user.



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